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DC Volunteer Snow Program

The DC Volunteer Snow Program, brought to you by Mayor Bowser and Serve DC, matches volunteers with senior residents and those with access and functional needs for snow removal services in the aftermath of a winter event. Serve DC will make every effort to match snow removal requesters with a DC Volunteer Snow Team member.

DC Volunteer Snow Team

Join our DC Volunteer Snow Team, and help your neighbors stay safe this winter. Mayor Bowser and Serve DC need your help clearing sidewalks and front walkways for our senior residents and those with access and functional needs during the winter weather.

*Please click HERE for Winter 2018-2019 DC Volunteer Snow Team registration!*

*For a step-by-step guide, check out the Volunteer Orientation PPT HERE.  

Volunteer Registration Quick Tips

  1. Please select your Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC) in your registration. **Please click HERE for ANC information first.**
  2. Once you have created your user account you will be directed to the "My User Groups" page.
  3. Please go to the left of the page and select "Opportunities" Here is where you will be able to find Snow Removal Requesters in your neighborhood/ANC.
  4. You can "SEARCH BY" Distance or using the map function to find the Snow Removal Requester closest to you.



    Volunteers will be deployed

    • when there are 4 or more of inches snow, not ice.
    • complete the volunteer service within 24 hours after the winter event has ended.
    • clear a 35-inch pathway from door to the sidewalk (including steps), the immediate sidewalk that spans the property, and entryway to the street.
    • note if needed, we can provide you with a shovel, a "We Are DC" beanie hat, and salt (while supplies last). Please visit the Serve DC Office, located at 2000 14th Street, NW, Suite 101. Our office is open Monday-Friday, 9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.
  • Volunteers should not
    • enter resident’s homes.
    • solicit or accept money, tips, gifts, etc.
    • clear snow off of cars, multiple entry/exit points, driveways, alleyways, roofs, etc.

Please see FAQs about the DC Volunteer Snow Team below


Requesters for Free Snow Removal Services


Are you a DC resident who is a senior or have access and functional needs, who wants assistance with clearing your sidewalks and front walkways this winter?

Call Serve DC at 202.727.7925 to sign up for assistance from Serve DC's DC Volunteer Snow Program.


Snow Removal Requesters should know

    • This is a FREE service, coordinated by Serve DC for senior residents and those with access and functional needs.
    • There is no charge to you for snow removal by the volunteers.
    • Should someone assist with shoveling prior to the arrival of your volunteer, please contact Serve DC at 202.727.7925 so that we can inform your volunteer
    • Serve DC will make every effort to match you with a DC Volunteer Snow Team member for the entire winter season. This is a 100% volunteer effort, and our volunteers are happy to serve you.
    • Enrollment in the DC Volunteer Snow Program does not automatically grant acceptance into the Sidewalk Shoveling Exemption Program, administered by the Department of Public Works. Residents must apply at or call 202.645.7190.

Please see FAQs from requesters for free snow removal services below


For additional information please email the DC Volunteer Snow Program at [email protected] or call 202.727.7925